100% Texture Deck Modified Acrylic Stain Coating is a Non-Slip Surface that is highly resistant to the outside elements. It is Economical, Low Maintenance, Cooler to the touch, Resistant to Slipping, Fading and Mildew. An Added feature is that it can  be applied as a One Color Finish or can be more decorative by adding Patterns and other colors to create a more interesting finish.

Non-Skid Texture Stain coat                                   Spray-shoot alternate color(s)

Non-Skid texture is safer under foot, 
especially around water areas, sloped or pitched surfaces.

Med Brown with Buff and White         Butternut with Buff

Chocolate, Creamy Beige & Oyster White           

Black, Battleship Gray and White

Light Drizzle of Red for accent                                                  Closer Look 


Charcoal, Pewter and White                                        Closer Look

Kool White - Chocolate, Sandy Beach, Tan                           Closer Look

Buff - Chocolate and Creamy Beige                                  closer look

Chocolate with Seminole Tan                                      Kool White, Chocolate, Tan with 
Creamy Beige, White                                                          Seminole Tan Border

Speckle Finishes without Pattern Design 
Cement Gray with Charcoal n White                 Taupe Base w Chocolate & White 

Solid Color Interior with Alternate Border Edge color     
Gull Gray interior - Battleship Border                 Slate interior - Creamy Beige Border



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Sample Photo Colors can vary due to Monitor Resolutions.


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