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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for an Estimate?

All on site evaluations are FREE.

What type of Coatings can I choose from?

Stain Color sealers in Solid or Decorative Multi Color finishes.

Acrylic Texture Coatings create New Overlay finishes.

Modified Texture Stain Color Coatings provide Non Skid finishes in Solid or Multi color.

Clear Paver Sealers and Epoxy Coatings.

What type of Products are used ?

ACE takes pride in using Quality Commercial Grade products intended for High Traffic use.

Almost all of our Coatings are water base Eco Friendly products.  

How long do Exterior Coatings Last?

Ultraviolet Rays, Weather and Normal Foot and Vehicle Traffic  will eventually reflect wear on the surface over time.  

Clear coatings generally need to be rejuvenated every 2 - 3 years in order to properly protect the surface.

Color Sealers generally need to be rejuvenated every 5 to 7 years  in order to protect and restore the color of the finish. 

Texture finishes generally need to be rejuvenated every 8 - 12 years under normal use and conditions in order 

to maintain and restore the finish to its original luster and appeal

Regular Maintenance (Cleaning and Re-Sealing) will Protect and Preserve the finish while adding years to the life of the surface.

Will the Cracks come back?

Unfortunately, once the Concrete surface cracks it can no longer be mended back together again. Because we know from years of experience that the crack will eventually stress back up thru the new coating, we recommend choosing a Stone or Random Free - form design in order to incorporate re-occurring cracks into the decorative finish.  

Can the crack(s) be cut/scored in order to fill the Cracks?

Yes. However, doing so will merely add cost to the restoration project without giving you any added peace of mind. 

Companies do not guarantee against Cracks, including ACE, Which is why we recommend incorporating cracks into the design. 

When you can't beat 'em, you join 'em.

Do you guarantee against Cracks?

As noted above, we can not Guarantee against cracks, even if the cracks are repaired. We recommend Stone pattern designs to incorporate the Cracks into the joint line of the pattern, thus making repairs easier to waterproof and  touch up with color sealer.

Is the work Guaranteed?

Clear and One Color Coatings have a One Year Guarantee.

Acrylic or Modified Texture Coatings have a Two Year Guarantee.  

Cracks are excluded. However, ACE will gladly provide a courtesy service to our customers to address    cracks that peek back thru again.

Do you use Sub-Contractors ?

NO. Jack is the owner and will almost always be on the job. Jack may bring a Trained Technician to assist him from time to time. 

Are you Licensed and Insured?

ACE is Registered with the State of Florida, L13000079411 and always maintains Business Insurance. 

Hernando county issued a press release effective June 1, 2008 which ended the requirement for Business licenses.

Will the Coated surface be slippery?

Typically, Not. ACE will recommend and promote a finish that is SAFER under foot. Many factors are taken into consideration in order to determine the Best Decorative Finish for the area and how is will be used. 

Acrylic Texture and Stain Coatings will have a NON SKID Added into the top coat for added grip under foot.

ACE always encourages getting used to the newly coated finish especially following the initial application.  

Salt water filtration systems produce softer water conditions which may create less grip under foot when wet and therefore a Raised texture finish is recommended.

Note: The answers provided above apply to almost all of our coatings. Occasionally, exceptions are made in order to accommodate various situations, conditions or requests in order to fulfill the needs  of our customer.

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