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 ACE Professionally Cleans, Replenishes Sand and  Reseals Brick Pavers 

using a Commercial Grade 2-part Clear Urethane Seal coating.

Repair, Lift, Level and Re-setting of Brick Pavers too!

Ask about our Small Job Installations.


 Photo's below show completion work as well as before and after results.

Epoxy Coating Finishes 

Commercial Grade Epoxy Coatings are offered in Pigmented (color) with either 

Standard or Full broadcasting Vinyl Flake finishes.

Stone Essence Epoxy coatings provide variegated finishes.   


River-Rock ​/ Chattahoochee 

Restoration Maintenance

Epoxy River-rock aka Chattahoochee requires regular maintenance in order to preserve the finish. 

Areas directly affected by weather and ultra violet rays become brittle over time and may 

loose pebbles if not properly maintained.

Thoroughly Clean and Re-coat on a Annual or Semi-Annual basis. 

 Patching of finish will almost always have some variation in the color of the stone colors.

Proper Maintenance of the surface will add years to the life of the Riverrock - Chattahoochee finish.

ACE can remove River-rock - Chattahoochee finishes and Resurface the concrete with a Modern,

Easy to Clean Decorative Finish.

Custom finishes at the price other companies charge for basic finishes.


ACE leaves a Lasting Impression!

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